Benefits of Computerization to Libraries!

Book section, periodical section, membership section, account section, library administration and all other transactions and lists/records/sheets of libraries can be done through e-library software. It is also easy to understand and use. So it becomes a complete computer system.

E-library software is specially developed for libraries. For this a software has been developed for libraries by studying library functioning, Maharashtra Library Act, education of library workers. All the services required by the libraries are provided through this computer system, it is a complete software. Also the functioning of libraries can be done without paper/paper-less method.

As the working system of libraries is completely in Marathi language, the software has been developed in Marathi language. Also, information can be recorded bilingually in the software. E.g. Although some books are in Marathi and some books are in English, the necessary information can be recorded.

The e-library software is entirely in Marathi language and has been developed keeping in mind the needs of libraries. So this software is easy to learn.

The software is based on mobile app and website. So there is no need to buy a computer. Computerization can be done with just a mobile phone and a printer. It reduces huge expenses and investment.

E-library is a complete software and all 26 types of records required for libraries are available.

The report list is as follows…

After the books are purchased by the libraries, it is necessary to record all the book information in the record of admission number, subject wise book list, government approved book record, RRLF donated book record, calculation report and other lists/records. But it is necessary to enter book information only once through the computer system. From that information all necessary sample lists/records/sheets are available. This saves more work and time.

Also your librarian/clerk is expected to have knowledge of accounting to do the account work. But it is difficult for libraries to find staff with accounting knowledge. While working as an accountant, the employee is required to record financial transactions such as vouchers/receipts, payroll, receipts, etc. It is necessary to do in between. After this transaction/information can be aggregated and accumulated expenses can be prepared. All this work requires experienced personnel.
But if working through computerized system, only voucher/receipt recording is required, from which daily receipts, debits, deposits, balance sheets and other information sheets are easily available. There is no need to enter more information. This saves more work and time and reduces the complexity of the work.

The annual report contains a summary of the overall transactions of the library during the financial year. It takes at least 3 days to prepare the annual report. But through the software, this work is completed in just 10 minutes and there is no need to record separate information.

This method saves more work and time out of the overall work of the library.

Computerization of libraries, based on mobile app and website, standalone computer, UPS, anti virus, computer table etc. No need to purchase materials. Therefore, there is no need for large initial investment. So approximately Rs. 29000.00's financial savings.

Also 50% cost reduction is possible on stationery.

As more work is saved, more work can be done with less manpower.