All the facilities related to books are available in this section.

All libraries/libraries purchase books from among the books published in Maharashtra or the country. Information about the same books is recorded by all libraries/libraries in their book entry records. But the information is all the same. E.g. Book Name, Author, Publication, Edition, Page, Price etc. Through modern technology and through the facility of Granth Bhandar, an integrated book information storage center has been established. Information about all books to be published will be available in this. The libraries/libraries have to select the books from among these and complete the registration of the books.

In short! Book Store is an integrated storage system for all published books. In this, the information required by the libraries is available for the books published or used by the libraries. This record is steadily increasing.

Libraries have to search the required book information in the book repository and select the required book repository number. Due to this, the book information needed by the libraries will be available from the book store and books can be registered without registering the entire book information.

If the required book is not available in the book repository, then all the details of the book must be recorded. But once this information is registered, other libraries/libraries are not required to re-register the information of the book.

In this, daily book donation can be recorded in libraries. This entry can be done through barcode/RFID/mobile.

While giving the book to the member, only membership number and book registration number need to be mentioned.

Important! Since books can be donated through e-library, it is not necessary to get the member's signature while giving books. However, if required, the member's signature should be taken on the book card! Also there is no need to take a printed record or/print of the daily Granth Dev-Gheva transaction. A computerized copy of the PDF specimen should be retained if required. A print can be taken from it if required. This will not require Chapil Granth Dev-Ghev Archive! and will save money.

Through Granth Bhandar, the work of recording more information about the book is reduced. But since the details regarding book purchase/donation, book arrangement are different for all libraries This information must be recorded.

As per the approval of the Board of Directors, such books as worn/torn/missing/recovery of book price are required to be recorded. In these records, book details, reason for rejection, recovery price, resolution number and date and other information must be recorded.

For exclusion of books, the list of books to be excluded along with all the details must be submitted in the meeting of the Board of Directors. But in order to prepare such a list, the texts must be recorded with all necessary details.

If there are limited copies of a certain book in the library and there is a high demand for that book by the members, book reservation is required. The member can be notified after the reserved book is available.