Rapid Radio Identification System

RFID System

Graphics shows how RFID system works? Label is tagged to book and registered to software at tagging station. Book Issued/Returned at Check In/Out Service station. At Self Check In/Out Kiosk is used by student/member. To return book, student has to drop it in drop box. Book will be automatically get detected and get registered on software. Student will get receipt of transaction. Stock checking and managing work is done at shelf. If any one tries to get book out of library without borrowing, anti theft gate alarms to alert.

RFID Book Label

Book label is white paper flexible adhesive label with rfid circuit covered in. Book label is passive type, when it comes in contact with reader, label circuitry get activated and sends it unique serial number to reader. Book label can be covered with additional protective sticker.

RFID Desktop Reader

This is used at check in/out service station by librarian to issue or return book and register book on software.

Self Check In/Out Kiosk

Kiosk is powered by touch screen display, rfid reader and inbuilt computer connected to server. Student/Member scans library and to open account and then scans book to borrow it.

Book Drop Box

Book drop box is automatic machine. Student has to drop book in box. Drop box will automatically detects book and and register it on software. Dropped books will be collected in internal safe box.

Handheld RFID Reader

Handheld rfid reader is mobile, wireless reader, used for stock checking or book search. It's range is ~1 meter. It has internal chargeable battery and mobile android device with rfid antenna.


Using rfid, book search and stock checking is very easy.

Library Card

Library card is white plastic printable rfid card. It is used as identity card and used to borrow book.