• Complete Library Software

    All services available for library

    E-library is the only complete online library computer system and it provides all the services required for library computerization. The computer system is very easy to use and understand.

  • Cloud Computing

    Online Software

    Software is hosted on company's remote server. So all data submitted will be stored on server. All transactions are safe and secure.

  • Computerization Without Computer

    No Computer Required

    There is no need to buy a computer as all operations are possible through a mobile phone and a printer. Computerization is possible without a computer. As the computer system is online, the libraries save a lot of cost and investment.

  • Book Store

    Easy book data entry system!

    The information of more books is stored in an integrated manner in the software. In this, the book name, type, publication, edition, page, price and other information can be recorded. Libraries must select books from this repository. It is not necessary to enter all the information.

Technical Support

Software technical service will be available during office hours only. Technical service is provided over the phone or the Internet. Only software related technical service is provided.

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Training services are provided through workshops, training classes and other mediums. The duration and dates of training classes and workshops are published on the website from time to time. Training is a paid service.

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Cloud Storage

It is possible to store 99,99,999 books in a software. The information storage capacity of a library is a purely technical matter. The guidelines decided by the company from time to time in this regard shall be applicable and binding.

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Digital Library

Libraries are converted into digital libraries through software. State-of-the-art services are provided to libraries through software. Libraries conduct paperless transactions under digital library.

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