All the facilities related to newspapers and magazines are available in this section.

More than 800 periodicals information (name, publication, address, website, e-mail, phone etc.) is available in periodicals repository. Periodicals coming to the library must be selected and the distributor and copies recorded. According to this information we can attend dailies and magazines.

Magazines can be traded like books. As in Granth Dev-Ghev, it is necessary to record the membership number and the attendance number of the periodicals.

It is necessary to take note of the periodicals which come regularly in the library. It includes periodical attendance date, periodical, price etc. Information must be recorded. After attending, the journal receives an admitted issue. It is only from that that God can be worshipped.

Annual subscription of magazines/weeklies/quarterly/bi-monthly/Diwali issue is paid through the library.

Libraries are required to dispose of junk/lost/torn/missing newspapers and periodicals. A list can be created by registering such newspapers and periodicals through this facility.